Gallanty Fitness

This is a customized and balanced training programme aimed at helping our clients achieve optimal fitness level. The programme incorporates the following:

Boxing for Fitness

Does not involve physical contact with people. This method involves the use of a focus pad with proper boxing techniques including boxing moves and form.

Strength Training

Includes several natural, primary movements to be performed during the training. They can be broken down into 6 patterns – Push, Pull, Squat, Deadlift, Rotation and Flexion, and Extension of torso.

Cardio Conditioning

Circuit Training

Some of the benefits of Cardio Box include:

Improved overall fitness levels

Muscle tone


Cardiovascular fitness

Be prepared. You may not have not done most of these exercises before. By correctly implementing these turbo-exercises into your workouts, you will finally be able to unleash your full fat-burning and muscle building potential – giving you a stronger, leaner, and more athletic build.