Gallanty Fitness

Sports and fitness have always been a part of Diamond Ogbeide’s life. From an early age he played football, basketball and athletics for both school and the Edo state teams in Nigeria. He was a professional sprinter who has competed in international and domestic track events in Asia and Africa. He has also trained with Singapore and Malaysia’s National Athletic teams.

Diamond opened his Malaysia-based business, Gallanty Fitness, after being inspired by the difference his training made on the lives of his clients and friends over the last two years in Papua New Guinea.

Diamond’s “Cardio Box” training method has made a lasting impact on everyone from the sporting elite and those into fitness.

Diamond is a strong advocate of fitness as the secret to a fitter and healthier lifestyle. He believes the high expenses we currently incur on medical care and hospital bills can be greatly reduced, if not avoided altogether, by living right through exercising well and eating smart. With the right lifestyle, one can look good and feel young naturally, without ever needing to go under the knife of a cosmetic surgeon.

Diamond keeps active even when he is not training. During his free time, Diamond is an avid footballer and golfer. He also loves spending time with his wife and children.