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Initially when i joined Diamond, i used to hit my head on the wall on a daily basis and wailed to myself “what on earth possessed me to pay someone to torture me?” After each session my whole body would hurt as if i have just been hit by a bus seriously. But that was 4 months ago and now eventhough after some sessions i still feel like i have been hit by a bus miraculously i have stopped the hitting of the head and wailing. Great improvement if you ask me.
More importantly, what i really am delighted about is how much stronger and fitter i have become in this last 4 months. I started this fitness programme when i was told by my doctors that i needed a heavy dose of steroids for a medical problem i have and i was warned that there will be weight gain.
I did gain some weight however thanks to Diamond it was not a copious amount and happy to say that i could still fit into my tightest jeans (with of course a little more difficulty than normal!!)
Diamond has a knack of pushing you without you realising how much you can actually do no matter how difficult. What i love about Diamond is that he manages to gently coax the best out of me within my limitations and he does it in such a fun way. He also takes the time and effort to listen to our (the group i signed up with) endless questions regarding food, health and fitness. To be honest right now i can’t imagine life without Diamond.

Sharm Thiruchelvam

Joining Diamond’s Fitness Training is the best decision that I have made in my desperate attempt to regain my fitness, health and body back. I have not exercised for more than ten years. So, for me to be fully committed to and focused on this goal would require much inspiration, motivation and encouragement. It’s a tribute to Diamond that after two months I am still on course. Most remarkable is that he has transformed me into a fitness buff. I look forward to every training session and dread missing a single day. He has convinced me to make fitness my lifestyle. I have since enrolled my children into the program.
Diamond challenges me and each time I survive the grueling workout it gives me a renewed sense of confidence. Exercising with him is not at all boring because he offers a variety of activities like cardio boxing, TRX and running. I think cardio boxing helps burn my calories and help reduce stress and aggravation.
Diamond expects the best out of us and gives his best to all. Yet he is flexible in his approach and a good listener. He has an engaging personality that makes him connect easily with everyone. His advice to make fitness not weight loss my priority is a sound one. Friends say that I now look better and fitter. Frankly, I am happy knowing I have shed five kilos and dropped a dress size in just two months.

Susie Moggie

My husband looks at me quizzically and asks what motivates me to rise at 6am and brave the elements of rain, sun and mosquitoes just to train. I tell him, it’s the Diamond “rush”.
Training with Diamond is invigorating and revitalizing. It’s the energy booster that I need to keep up with my passion for tennis and dance. Recently my body suffered an ‘energy crisis’ when I hit my 50’s. Despite being physically active and reasonably fit, I notice a slump in my stamina, strength and endurance. Thanks to Diamond, after only 2 months, I got my vim and vigor back. I am fitter and faster and able to sustain a relatively higher level of tennis game. Surprisingly too, I can perform a 4-hour Zumba dance fitness marathon with an incredible lightness of feet. The icing on the cake for me is that my body is leaner and well- toned as the muscles in my arms, legs and abs get more defined.
That Diamond delivers results fast is a testament to the effectiveness of his total body movement approach to exercise and his high caliber as a trainer. The sessions are always rigorous and intensive, but he makes them fun and interesting by varying and combining runs, cardio boxing or TRX with drills using medicine balls and benches. Firm in his demands for performance, he can be flexible too. He readily listens to our concerns or limitations and prescribes an appropriate level of exercise. Diamond is very professional and makes painstaking effort to explain and demonstrate the proper techniques of each workout for maximum benefits and minimum injuries. He regularly attends self-enhancement courses and shares his wealth of knowledge and experiences generously. A vision of fitness himself, Diamond’s genuine dedication, commitment and enthusiasm is as infectious as his big and brilliant smile.

Azima Rahim

I was nervous when I first signed up to early morning starts for running and cardio box as I’m naturally more of a night owl than an early bird. Knowing I was meeting friends made it easier to get up and I have been surprised how easily my routine has changed. Now after several months I feel strange if a morning goes by and I haven’t done any exercise. Even if I wake up tired, I always feel great after the sessions and so much better prepared mentally, emotionally and physically for the day ahead. I started the sessions with Diamond and crew at a time when work was really busy and I had taken on additional responsibilities. The regular exercise was a great counter balance to the busy stressful work environment and helped me start each day fresh, energised, feeling positive and ready to take on what the day threw at me. I’ve loved seeing and feeling my body transform over the last few months as I’ve become more toned, stronger and generally fitter. I realise it can become quite addictive. Having felt so great in my body it’s hard to go back to not doing anything. Diamond’s sessions are always fun and have provided full body workouts that leave me burning energy for the rest of the day. His supportive instruction has helped me improve my running and boxing technique and has generally encouraged me to keep challenging myself. Working out with great people makes sessions fun and makes it easier to get up early.

Sofiah Mackay

I’ve recently joined Diamond’s morning boxing/exercise classes and found them to be a great way to start the day. In the past few months I began a weights program along with swimming and squash. Diamond’s class has shown me my cardio still requires more work. The boxing exercises will help with my hand, eye and body coordination and these are broken up with great cardio sessions of different exercises to get that heart rate up. Diamond has an easygoing nature and friendly smile that put us new people at ease. Thanks Diamond.

Dermot O Brien
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